Sadly Trump got elected

Not much to say but how sad that I am that the rest of the US chose of vote in a white supremacist racists as our future president. I’m trying to not be down about it, but can’t help but feel that this country will be going to hell under his command.

Between his racist views/comments (I’m 1/8 Blackfoot+ another tribe), His views/comments on those with disabilities (I work as a direct support professional for people with disabilities.), and his complete lack of political experience I see nothing but a grim future ahead for the US, and the world as well.

Comic: Questionable Content

If anyone is looking for a good comic to read I recommend Questionable Content. It’s got robots, sarcasm, comedy and a some romance. I laughed may ass off bing reading it in two days and now I’m slowly re-reading. Lucky enough the author Jeph Jacques (Twitter @jephjacques) updates five days a week Monday through Friday so almost always a new strip. And if there is no update, the comic is as of writing this, 3305 strips long so plenty to go back and re-read.

A interesting part of reading the comic strip is seeing the authors art quality and styles improved little by little until the current level of quality. I definitely recommend it for anybody who likes Megatokyo, Sandra and Woo, and other online comics. 

New looks because of upgrade

Sadly the site got infected by a backdoor of some kind so I had to upgrade, sadly the K2 theme I was using hasn’t been update for years so had to chose a new there for the site. For now this will do till I find something better. Registration are now disabled since all I was getting was bots.

Message me on some other medium like twitter/Twitch TV etc (links are to the right) if you want an account to post comments with. Not dealing with the bots anymore with open registration.

A friend gone ahead of us.

At 6:22pm tonight, Dec 12, 2015, Shadow my friend of 15 years left us. His liver gave out suddenly because of old age. He will be cremated and I’ll be keep his ashes with me from this point forward. We never had a true “home” since we keep moving all the time so I think that would make him happy to stay with me. See you later old friend.

Eden Eternal + Aeria Games security risk

Just to warn everyone about a security risk with Eden Eternal and Aeria games.
Seem when you download the installer for Eden Eternal and you run it, it first installs Akamai Netsession, without ever even telling the user it is installing it much less asking for permission to do so. It then sets it to run as a background program that is constantly running that will send the install files to other users, finally just downloads the install files where ever it wants. Only after downloading the whole thing does it ask you where you want things.

Normal I wouldn’t mind something like Akamai Netsession since it does the same thing as the installers you get from Blizzard and other companys anymore. Except it install it, runs it, and keep it hidden in the background never once informing the user it was installed or asking the user if it can be installed.

If my security suite hadn’t seen it and sandbox it right off I would of never know it was install on my system and running in the background. And you can’t disable the “service” in the software’s interface it hides in the windows control panel, only stop it till the next computer restart. And while it calls it a service in the interface it not listed in Windows service manager and can only be stopped permanently if you know how edit the windows startup file or uninstall the whole thing. I hate software like this, it create security risks by never letting the user know it’s installed and running.

I hate having to deal with this stuff just to download and install a game.

Where from here?

For the longest time I’ve wanted to do something with my two domains, besides just  using GROS as blog but motivation for me comes and goes. Such is life with ADD.

For now I’m going to do what i feel up to and not try to force myself to do anything. So first off I’m going to start point people to good msuic, anime, or games.

Such as my playlist of music I’ve found on youtube. It’s got a nice selection of music, and include AMV (anime music videos), live performances and more. Basically if I like the song and like to listen later I add it in. So you get music, and might get you interested in some different artiest and anime. Sadly a few songs are blocked, I’ll change them out as they’re unblocked/re-uploaded by their creators.

We Remember Love

So got another email from the blog called We Remember Love. The Arthur of the blog, Ghostlightning, actual quit posting nearly 3 yeats ago but people still respond to his last post and i get updates when they do since I did as well long ago.

So I reread his post all over , and all his post are good to read still to this day.

It kind of sad that he though that in 4 years of posting he said all he had to about anime and manga. For me anime, games, and the little manga I read are something always changes, always evolving, for better or worse. There is always at least one series or game that interest me (though we need more tank combat anime, even if there like Girls und Panzer) so I’m always think about them. I might not post about it but thoughts are always floating around in my head.

But I can understand that he wanted to spend more time with his family. Sadly I’m 35 and still haven’t found someone i could spend my  life with. Hopefull some day I will, and maybe even I will leave things behind for my family . I’ll just have to see.


Play RO again, just on euRO

Europe Ragnarok Online

Well playing Ragnarok online again, this time I’m on the euRO (European Ragnarok Online) server. The people there seem to be little older and a lot more mature.

I’m 34 now, and even in the past, beside the few times when my inner child escaped, I’ve always been way more mature mental. I was the kid when younger that prefer talking to adults and staying with them then dealing with kids my own age.  My mother always says “You act like  old man”.
Sadly iRO on both classic and renewal seem to be most people in their 15-20s. I tried joining a guild but just couldn’t fit in with the younger generation. And the people in this guild consider themself older players…  Sadly also people don’t seem to level the old way of Soloing or party leveling in classic iRO. They always seem to use other methods, that while worked, and could be consider legitmite seemed like cheating to me.  Like having a higher level character to kill a mvp while they used a hide clip after during damage to power level low level characters.

The main reasons I’ve been in (SOL) Navy for so many years (10+) is because their all as old as me or are older guy/gals then myself and I get along with them very well, though I bet they do get tired of my glass half empty personality lol.

Sadly most, if not all, of SOL navy doesn’t play games like Ragnarok online and similar Korean MMORPGs or more Indie MMOs. So I’m always alone on my adventures into what they consider foreign territory but I consider home territory.

Permanency and exploration.

Warn before hand all, I’ve got ADD and a learn disability that in the past (far past lol) the school I went to only said it was a problem with my tracking in reading and never told me more. Both of these together make my writing hard to read these days since I general don’t see many errors at all not matter how many time I proofread things. So it may cause headache and people with OCD to have issues, you were warned.


So just watch softpapa aka Kurt Bell’s last Japan Hike video and His one on getting rid of his library and was think about those and he’s previous videos. It got me think about he seem happy with constant changes in his life, and maybe on some level he needs that.

On the other hand I’ve spent most of my life moving from one city/town to the next. One year I went to 4 (or was it 3, number doesn’t really matter) different school in that year. And I’m sick of that life style.

For myself while I love exploring, seeing, and experience new things, I like have a home to go back to. I spend most of my time exploring even in video games even but it drives me nut when I don’t have a “home”, a place to return to, even though it’s only a video game.  Anymore in my life I seek permanency.

If I ever get a chance to move to Japan to work like I want to, find I like there and I can survive there then I will do what I can to stay permanently.  Anymore I just want to find a place I can belong and then stay there for the rest of my life.

Which is weird since I’ve always dreams of exploring the stars, but anymore when people describe how might do that in current time I’ve realized I’d never be able to. Simple because every method they describe means leaving earth for ever or so long you personally would never return. And that thought scares and saddens me. While it’s unlike mankind will explore the stars in my lifetime even if they do there would be no place for me in such a experience.

I seek permanency so much anymore I couldn’t follow my dream if the possibility ever was given to me.

Now I dream that someone in my lifetime would develop a way to build secondary body (organic or machine doesn’t matter) that could be link with your original and your could be in multiply places at once. Maybe using a unknown Quantum or psychic link. Guess even if I find permanent home for myself I’ll just keep on dreaming.

Edit: Course not 5 minutes after I complete this I find Kurt has post another video lol. This one also bough my thought back to this topic. Try as I may to find a way to reduce items and stuff I have I can never seem to do it. For myself the thought of have massive library seem pleasant to me since for myself it represents permanency. All that items I have represent my past and are in many ways a anchor for me to hold on to. They never change and are always with me even if I didn’t have a permanency in where I was living.

Hmm what now

Been having to looking for work but still wonder what to do with my GentleRainOfSerenity website. One thing I’m think of doing is to start doing Youtube let’s plays. Mainly games I like and older games people have forgotten about. I’ll imbed them here once I do start them. Going to be after I find a job though, My games drive failed and only thing I had was a 250 gig, and the one that died was 1TB. Need to find work and replace that drive before I can start recording let’s plays.

After or before that going to start anime reviews. I might not be able to afford to buy new games very often but can watch anime fairly easy. Just need to decide on what format I’m going to do them in.

CoolestMaster – Piece of crap?

So…the heats sink and fan I bought from my local computer store, and had installed about 3-4months ago just had it’s fan totally seize up. It stopped about 2 weeks ago but started up just fine after I restarted the computer so thought might of been a simple power issue or the wire was lose. Reseated everything and saw no issues, even the fan moved freely.

But no it was the fan it self, it was total seized up this morning, so much so I had trouble moving it be hand. My first time buying a  coolest Master product and already regreting it. 3-4 months only for a fan to seize up this bad, what a piece of crap. Not going to be buying another coolest master products for a good long while.

My livejournal shall not die.

Okay so I was looking through all my old friends’ LiveJournals and some haven’t even posted in 10 years. Make me sad to have lost touch with them all. So I decide as of now I will not let my own account go deads. I’ve now installed a cross post plugin into my blog so all journal post will go to both.

I won’t forget the past, or the fun I had. I will not lose the past, or the friends I have.


So….keep  coming back to my webpage and wonder what the hell to do with it. I’ve been wanting to blog with it, as well as do game/anime review etc but keep getting distracted.

In case you haven’t notices I’ve got ADD/ADHD. Never been official diagnosed with it, just told I had a learning disability when I was a kid so long ago. But I’ve taken enough class in physiology, education, etc to know sign to look for, and recognize them in myself.

But not going to take any medications for it. One: I hate visiting doctors and Only visit them when necessary, Two: It’s a long process of being diagnosed, and, Three: I hate take medications for anything but what is necessary.  Also I’ve seen what the medication to help with ADD/ADHD do to people.

Anyways it all mean my attention span (like my digestive system) is about as stable as a house of cards with a hyperactive hamster in it that just got it’s paws on a RedBull. I’ve tried to do stuff with this blog, and I still plan to do so, but takes a lot of effort to not be distracted by the next shiny object I see, or minecraft. I’ve come to see why they call the minecraft FTB mod pack I play “Minecrack”. Dear goddess, that FTB launcher shortcut it calling my name, must resist, must resist, must…….


Good bye to “We Remember Love”

We Remember Love Says Goodbye, and Thank You For All The Memories | We Remember Love.

Just found today that “We Remember Love” decide to close down back in October, damn I was out of touch. Visited the place off and on over the years and always enjoyed reading the articles. If you never visited the site before do yourself a favor and do visit it.


All of this remind me I really need to get my own butt in gear and start post as well since this place seem dead as well most of the time. Sadly it not like anyone ever reads these post anyways. It’s kind of like minecraft, single player is boring because no one ever see what you’ve built. But yet again “If You Build It, They Will Come”.

A Positive Post Apocalyptic future

Found some art from an artiest named Nick Pedersen earlier tonight and got me think about the general view of the Future.

Nearly every media, be it TV, movie, or video game seem to be obsessed with the Nuked out waste land future you see in games like the Fallout series. Nice to see Nick Pedersen work shows a much brighter future in the very least that it was a green world. If you want to look at Pedersen’s art you can find links to his site and a article below  this post.

I wish some game developer or executive would see the art and make a game with that style of world, instead of the waste land scenario. Only place you see similar thing to his work is in the Japanese Mangas and Animes like Yokohama Kaidashi Kiko and Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita. Seem their experience  of rebuilding after a near total collapse caused World War II may have gave them a more positive outlook on the future.

Also after looking at Pedersen’s art and think about it I decide to do a Post Apocalyptic build in minecraft in a few days. After I get somewhat into it I’ll post images here. It’ll be more about nature rebuilding and people adapting. I want to build something that looks nice and show a more positive look at the future.

Post-Apocalyptic Worlds Go Green

Game Reviews

Even though no one ever reads this, I plan to start being more active in post about games, my experiences with them, and review of them.

Been very lazy lately with my hectic real life to post actively. So expect a updated/new reviews/info of Minecraft, ARMA 2: Dayz mod, Eternal Eden, and Ragnarok Online.

After that I’ll start going cover older games people seem to have forgot over the years like Dark Colony, Total Annihilation, Stars! and many more.

Ragnarok Online Classic Server

Ragnarok Online – Updates – Step Back into the Past with iRO’s Classic server!.

So play iRO again, only on the new classic server this time. They’re working their way up from about Ep. 5 and will take the server update wise till pre-renewal. So finally get to play the game that I loved for so long.

Sadly the expanded classes suck as gunslinger etc are not in yet. But I’m looking forward to a Taekwon Kid/Master since they’re broken and about useless on renewal. Over all enjoy that class a hell lot more then my monk. It’s just a far simpler classes to level and use.

In case anyone is wondering why TKM( Taekwon Master) is broke it because nearly all their skills require binding to a specific  map and/or monster, and it near impossible to reset that bind. Pre-renewal this was not much of a problem since you keep getting the same EXP/Job exp from a mob no matter what you level was. In renewal you get less exp/Job exp from a monster the closer to and further above you get over their level.

So it come to the point where you get basically nothing for the area/monster you bind to and all those skills are rendered useless. Most people in renewal just ether stay Taekwon kid (if you get ranked there are bonuses check: TaeKwon Ranker) or go Taekwon master and put most of the skill points into finishing out the Taekwon kid skill trees.

Playing Wakfu

Found a new game that I’ve started playing. It’s called Wakfu. Actaul found the 52 episode animated series first then got into the game. Really enjoing the Enutrof class, but I’ve always loved merchant/treasure hunter classes. I’ll Write more about the Enutrof later.

More info on Wakfu Here

Playing on the north America NOX server since all NA are IP blocked from the other servers.

That is something that annoys me. Really getting tired that in this increasing international gaming environment that game companies are forcing every continent/nation to only play with others of their own area. I want to play with European players as much a NA players. Lots of people I’ve played with over the years have been from all corners of the world and annoying as hell when a company tell us “f**k you, you can’t play with your friend”. They may say their not but that exactly what they’re say with such restrictions.




Wakfu is was created by french company called Ankama. It’s part of a whole multi-media story that is covered in the Dofus MMO, Dofus Arena, the Wakfu MMO (set 1000 years after dofus), and the Wakfu animates series (Set 10 years after the Wakfu MMO).

Both Wakfu and Dofus are MMORPGs with a tactical turn-based combat system. Every action in game, such a mining etc, happen like any other game, with so many second before the action is complete.

Combat though is based on a turn by turn combat style. Each player character has 30 seconds to make their actions. Each character also has a certain amount of points to make moves with. AP or ability points are used by most skills/spells. MP or Movement points are used for moving on the playing field and some skills use them as well. WP or Wakfu points are used for special skills or very powerful skills use them.

AP and MP Regen every round and can be increased with gear or putting ability points into AP or MP stats. Its very expensive to do so though, and limit of +2 max for each. WP are limited to 6 per battle and can’t be increased.

Each Class also have 5 spells/actions from each of the 3 tree plus other class actions. The three trees are each from 1 of 4 elements, with every class lacking one element. All these tree based actions/spells get stronger as you use them in combat as they level like you do, and as you use them you unlock the other further down the branch. It’s really easy to unlock the other skills in short while, though it does create specializations since it takes a while to level spells.

Class actions are unlocked using skill points and come in 5 passives with 20 lvls and 5 active skills that only have 9 lvls but increase in cost to raise their levels as you put points into them.

Quite a variety of classes to pick from, 13 in total, from the new Rogues (pistols/bombs class), to a IOP (Close combat fighter), to and Enutrof (treasure seeker). Each class is different then the others in skills, what those skills do, and how their played. There might be some similarities but in general each plays differently.

Any class can use any weapon, but each weapon in the game gives different stats and bonus so they need to be chosen based of the benefits they give. Weapons are ether 2 shot (low damage and low AP cost to use) or single shot (mid to high damage with high AP cost) with a variety of ranges and are ether Singer target or some form of AOE damage. General weapons are not actually used in combat since skills/spells can be used more often during a turn and do more damage. So they’re more for the bonus or say using a bow on a Iop to over come their short range limitation when they can’t get into range in a turn.

Beside the combat system being different from other games, the other difference is that the players have nearly total control of the game environment. Beside in few maps, monster/planets need to be replanted by players or risk extinction. Most maps have a Clans member NPC that wants specific monster/plants to stay at certain range. Taking those monster/plants below or above that will cause you to lose citizen points with you nation, and possible become flags as a outlaw if those points getting to low.

All nation government functions are player driven. Having high citizen points (gained through protection of your nation for outlaws or enemy players, or gaining new lands for it, etc) allows you to vote for a player to take over the governors position for a month. This governor then picks cabinet members for positions like treasurer etc. These players then controls all laws that are in effect for that nations, from environment protect to protection against Player killers.

Beside Clans members or quest NPC there are no other NPCs. All weapons, food, and gear are ether player made or looted from monsters. Even the money in the game, Kama, is minted by players out of raw metals mined in the game. Also most gear that can be looted, except for a few power ones, can be crafted as well. Crafting the equipment yourself may be quicker or take as long as getting the gear through loots due to material requirements. But you can also just buy the materials or even the gear from other player (using trade or a market system). Most gear in the game comes in sets with bonuses for having more of a set. Some to stats, other to specific elemental damage.

Over all if you like have more control over your gaming environment, slower paced combat,  and more of a sand box game then this is for you.

As of right now the North America community is blocked from the rest of the Wakfu MMO servers. We can only play on the Nox server. No idea on the Dofus, though looks like anyone anywhere can play on it’s servers.

More info
Official Youtube Channel


Official trailers:

Animated trailer:

#GuardiansOfRagnarok on deviantART

#GuardiansOfRagnarok on deviantART.

Check them out if your a Ragnarok Online fan.

Any ways I’m playing RO again and enjoying it. Leveling is a hell lot faster now, making gettign 99/50 and rebirthing a much more possible option now.

Took almost no time to get to job 50 on all my character that have been stuck as first classes forever, even on my Acolyte.   Hell lot more fun now, I remmber the day where I’d barely get a job level even put a lot of hours into it.

Now as long as you know what your character can do and hunt the right monsters you can get level much easier now. Still a challenge but no longer a impossible one.

On top of that they’ve got the Eden group now that give out leveling purpose quest and quest for gear. Can’t upgrade or store the gear but it’s all very nice and weights nothing. the lvl 60 stuff has nice stats such as the armor has +500 mp +50 sp and lots of armor and anyone can sue it. Their weapons are also some of the most powerful you get for base damage if your broke or new to the game, not as good as some of the more expensive one you can buy off other players but still good. So there all good if your broke, new, or hell just to deck out character you rare play and have no gear for.

So if anyone actual reads this and it think about trying the game or going back this is the perfect time for it.