hmmm still lost but i found something

img src=”” border=”0″ alt=””brEARTH is your chinese symbol! brbra href=”” font size=”-1″What Chinese Symbol Are You?/font/aBR font size=”-3″brought to you by a href=””Quizilla/a/font table bgcolor = ‘#ffffff’ width = ‘80%’trtdtable bgcolor = ‘#000000’ cellspacing = ‘1’ width = ‘100%’tr bgcolor = ‘#000000’td align = ‘center’ colspan = ‘2’font size = ‘2’ color = ‘#ffffff’miahstar/font/td/trtr bgcolor …

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Well my friend mercuy said to start looking for quiz so I took a few from her journal :D lj-cut text=”Quizzs Begin” Okay I’m a guy but couldn’t resiste this on. img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Suicidal Bitch. You are often alone. But sometimes you like it that way. It’s your way of protecting yourself from gettin …

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A new Start, EP 2

Yet another new begining. final got a LiveJournal Account Setup. Much custimzation to come soon. My old Ujurnal can be found here a href=””Linky/a. Going by Miah now incase anyone is wodner, my family nickname.