Back from work a bored and saw this on mercury’s LJ, decide to try it as wel lj-cut text=”Mhhh” MiahStar firstl form action=”” method=”get”table align=center width=400 cellpadding=4 cellspacing=1 border=0trtd bgcolor=black align=centerp style=”color:red;font-family=’times new roman’;font-size:16px;”bWhat Is Your Battle Cry?/b/p/td/trtrtd bgcolor=”#ffbb77″ align=centerp style=”margin:10px;font-family:’times new roman’;font-size:16px;color:#000;”font face=”old english text mt,old english text” size=+3S/fonttriding out of the desert, clutching …

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Nothing much

Nothign much going on, downlaoding anime and waiting for a chnace to wrok more on gentle rain of serenity. Shadow Continuum, my old site, has alreayd ben redone but need to wait till i can afford to have it directed for me, which costs 25 bucks extra. Then i’ll put it up.