Just a quick posty

Nothing new, jump from game to game every day. Saw these on my friend lj user=”mercury_hime”‘s journal lj-cut text=”quizys” pimg src=”http://bluepyramid.org/ia/mnkv.jpg”br font face=”Georgia, Georgia Ref, Book Antiqua, Garamond” size=”5″ You’re iMother Night/i!br font size=”4″by Kurt Vonnegut/fontbr ifont size=”3″Nobody knows what to believe about you, and you know least of all. You spent most of your …

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*tap* *tap* this one? Just final adding a entry to my LiveJournal. I’m play Jumpgate, Eve-online, PlanetSide, Ragnarok Online and Asheron’s call 2 now….O.o. Nope no “real” life. In most I got by Miah, or some verations like MiahTwilight.