Fight against SOPA and PIPA

Tomorrow (My birthday) this site will be down to support the stopping of the Internet Censor ship bills SOPA and PIPA the threaten the stability and freedom of the internet.

Produce by politicians, who are being back by the entertainment industry (movie/music etc) that these two bill would allow companies to take down entire site like yahoo, Google or a web hosting company without any warning and with little work involves if just one site hosts and/or listed  on that site is in violation of the copyright law, or even if the companies just think they are.

It also allows the government to do so as well, allowing them to censor sites.

The way the bills say to go about it would also break the very backbone of the internet, Stopping DNS from list the site, and force blacklist of sites.

Sadly silicon valley doesn’t have the might to fight Hollywood, and the politicians are ignore the experts & business that run the internet. The politicians and entertianment industry have put out a lot of rederick and try to down play it but it comes down to the same type of censor ship & control China does with thier “great firewall of china” as it’s called.

More information can be found here:

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