#GuardiansOfRagnarok on deviantART

#GuardiansOfRagnarok on deviantART.

Check them out if your a Ragnarok Online fan.

Any ways I’m playing RO again and enjoying it. Leveling is a hell lot faster now, making gettign 99/50 and rebirthing a much more possible option now.

Took almost no time to get to job 50 on all my character that have been stuck as first classes forever, even on my Acolyte.   Hell lot more fun now, I remmber the day where I’d barely get a job level even put a lot of hours into it.

Now as long as you know what your character can do and hunt the right monsters you can get level much easier now. Still a challenge but no longer a impossible one.

On top of that they’ve got the Eden group now that give out leveling purpose quest and quest for gear. Can’t upgrade or store the gear but it’s all very nice and weights nothing. the lvl 60 stuff has nice stats such as the armor has +500 mp +50 sp and lots of armor and anyone can sue it. Their weapons are also some of the most powerful you get for base damage if your broke or new to the game, not as good as some of the more expensive one you can buy off other players but still good. So there all good if your broke, new, or hell just to deck out character you rare play and have no gear for.

So if anyone actual reads this and it think about trying the game or going back this is the perfect time for it.


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