Wakfu is was created by french company called Ankama. It’s part of a whole multi-media story that is covered in the Dofus MMO, Dofus Arena, the Wakfu MMO (set 1000 years after dofus), and the Wakfu animates series (Set 10 years after the Wakfu MMO).

Both Wakfu and Dofus are MMORPGs with a tactical turn-based combat system. Every action in game, such a mining etc, happen like any other game, with so many second before the action is complete.

Combat though is based on a turn by turn combat style. Each player character has 30 seconds to make their actions. Each character also has a certain amount of points to make moves with. AP or ability points are used by most skills/spells. MP or Movement points are used for moving on the playing field and some skills use them as well. WP or Wakfu points are used for special skills or very powerful skills use them.

AP and MP Regen every round and can be increased with gear or putting ability points into AP or MP stats. Its very expensive to do so though, and limit of +2 max for each. WP are limited to 6 per battle and can’t be increased.

Each Class also have 5 spells/actions from each of the 3 tree plus other class actions. The three trees are each from 1 of 4 elements, with every class lacking one element. All these tree based actions/spells get stronger as you use them in combat as they level like you do, and as you use them you unlock the other further down the branch. It’s really easy to unlock the other skills in short while, though it does create specializations since it takes a while to level spells.

Class actions are unlocked using skill points and come in 5 passives with 20 lvls and 5 active skills that only have 9 lvls but increase in cost to raise their levels as you put points into them.

Quite a variety of classes to pick from, 13 in total, from the new Rogues (pistols/bombs class), to a IOP (Close combat fighter), to and Enutrof (treasure seeker). Each class is different then the others in skills, what those skills do, and how their played. There might be some similarities but in general each plays differently.

Any class can use any weapon, but each weapon in the game gives different stats and bonus so they need to be chosen based of the benefits they give. Weapons are ether 2 shot (low damage and low AP cost to use) or single shot (mid to high damage with high AP cost) with a variety of ranges and are ether Singer target or some form of AOE damage. General weapons are not actually used in combat since skills/spells can be used more often during a turn and do more damage. So they’re more for the bonus or say using a bow on a Iop to over come their short range limitation when they can’t get into range in a turn.

Beside the combat system being different from other games, the other difference is that the players have nearly total control of the game environment. Beside in few maps, monster/planets need to be replanted by players or risk extinction. Most maps have a Clans member NPC that wants specific monster/plants to stay at certain range. Taking those monster/plants below or above that will cause you to lose citizen points with you nation, and possible become flags as a outlaw if those points getting to low.

All nation government functions are player driven. Having high citizen points (gained through protection of your nation for outlaws or enemy players, or gaining new lands for it, etc) allows you to vote for a player to take over the governors position for a month. This governor then picks cabinet members for positions like treasurer etc. These players then controls all laws that are in effect for that nations, from environment protect to protection against Player killers.

Beside Clans members or quest NPC there are no other NPCs. All weapons, food, and gear are ether player made or looted from monsters. Even the money in the game, Kama, is minted by players out of raw metals mined in the game. Also most gear that can be looted, except for a few power ones, can be crafted as well. Crafting the equipment yourself may be quicker or take as long as getting the gear through loots due to material requirements. But you can also just buy the materials or even the gear from other player (using trade or a market system). Most gear in the game comes in sets with bonuses for having more of a set. Some to stats, other to specific elemental damage.

Over all if you like have more control over your gaming environment, slower paced combat,  and more of a sand box game then this is for you.

As of right now the North America community is blocked from the rest of the Wakfu MMO servers. We can only play on the Nox server. No idea on the Dofus, though looks like anyone anywhere can play on it’s servers.

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