Playing Wakfu

Found a new game that I’ve started playing. It’s called Wakfu. Actaul found the 52 episode animated series first then got into the game. Really enjoing the Enutrof class, but I’ve always loved merchant/treasure hunter classes. I’ll Write more about the Enutrof later.

More info on Wakfu Here

Playing on the north America NOX server since all NA are IP blocked from the other servers.

That is something that annoys me. Really getting tired that in this increasing international gaming environment that game companies are forcing every continent/nation to only play with others of their own area. I want to play with European players as much a NA players. Lots of people I’ve played with over the years have been from all corners of the world and annoying as hell when a company tell us “f**k you, you can’t play with your friend”. They may say their not but that exactly what they’re say with such restrictions.


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