Ragnarok Online Classic Server

Ragnarok Online – Updates – Step Back into the Past with iRO’s Classic server!.

So play iRO again, only on the new classic server this time. They’re working their way up from about Ep. 5 and will take the server update wise till pre-renewal. So finally get to play the game that I loved for so long.

Sadly the expanded classes suck as gunslinger etc are not in yet. But I’m looking forward to a Taekwon Kid/Master since they’re broken and about useless on renewal. Over all enjoy that class a hell lot more then my monk. It’s just a far simpler classes to level and use.

In case anyone is wondering why TKM( Taekwon Master) is broke it because nearly all their skills require binding to a specific  map and/or monster, and it near impossible to reset that bind. Pre-renewal this was not much of a problem since you keep getting the same EXP/Job exp from a mob no matter what you level was. In renewal you get less exp/Job exp from a monster the closer to and further above you get over their level.

So it come to the point where you get basically nothing for the area/monster you bind to and all those skills are rendered useless. Most people in renewal just ether stay Taekwon kid (if you get ranked there are bonuses check: TaeKwon Ranker) or go Taekwon master and put most of the skill points into finishing out the Taekwon kid skill trees.

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