A Positive Post Apocalyptic future

Found some art from an artiest named Nick Pedersen earlier tonight and got me think about the general view of the Future.

Nearly every media, be it TV, movie, or video game seem to be obsessed with the Nuked out waste land future you see in games like the Fallout series. Nice to see Nick Pedersen work shows a much brighter future in the very least that it was a green world. If you want to look at Pedersen’s art you can find links to his site and a article below¬† this post.

I wish some game developer or executive would see the art and make a game with that style of world, instead of the waste land scenario. Only place you see similar thing to his work is in the Japanese Mangas and Animes like Yokohama Kaidashi Kiko and Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita. Seem their experience  of rebuilding after a near total collapse caused World War II may have gave them a more positive outlook on the future.

Also after looking at Pedersen’s art and think about it I decide to do a Post Apocalyptic build in minecraft in a few days. After I get somewhat into it I’ll post images here. It’ll be more about nature rebuilding and people adapting. I want to build something that looks nice and show a more positive look at the future.


Post-Apocalyptic Worlds Go Green

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