Play RO again, just on euRO

Europe Ragnarok Online

Well playing Ragnarok online again, this time I’m on the euRO (European Ragnarok Online) server. The people there seem to be little older and a lot more mature.

I’m 34 now, and even in the past, beside the few times when my inner child escaped, I’ve always been way more mature mental. I was the kid when younger that prefer talking to adults and staying with them then dealing with kids my own age.  My mother always says “You act like  old man”.
Sadly iRO on both classic and renewal seem to be most people in their 15-20s. I tried joining a guild but just couldn’t fit in with the younger generation. And the people in this guild consider themself older players…  Sadly also people don’t seem to level the old way of Soloing or party leveling in classic iRO. They always seem to use other methods, that while worked, and could be consider legitmite seemed like cheating to me.  Like having a higher level character to kill a mvp while they used a hide clip after during damage to power level low level characters.

The main reasons I’ve been in (SOL) Navy for so many years (10+) is because their all as old as me or are older guy/gals then myself and I get along with them very well, though I bet they do get tired of my glass half empty personality lol.

Sadly most, if not all, of SOL navy doesn’t play games like Ragnarok online and similar Korean MMORPGs or more Indie MMOs. So I’m always alone on my adventures into what they consider foreign territory but I consider home territory.

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