We Remember Love

So got another email from the blog called We Remember Love. The Arthur of the blog, Ghostlightning, actual quit posting nearly 3 yeats ago but people still respond to his last post and i get updates when they do since I did as well long ago.

So I reread his post all over , and all his post are good to read still to this day.

It kind of sad that he though that in 4 years of posting he said all he had to about anime and manga. For me anime, games, and the little manga I read are something always changes, always evolving, for better or worse. There is always at least one series or game that interest me (though we need more tank combat anime, even if there like Girls und Panzer) so I’m always think about them. I might not post about it but thoughts are always floating around in my head.

But I can understand that he wanted to spend more time with his family. Sadly I’m 35 and still haven’t found someone i could spend my¬† life with. Hopefull some day I will, and maybe even I will leave things behind for my family . I’ll just have to see.


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