Eden Eternal + Aeria Games security risk

Just to warn everyone about a security risk with Eden Eternal and Aeria games.
Seem when you download the installer for Eden Eternal and you run it, it first installs Akamai Netsession, without ever even telling the user it is installing it much less asking for permission to do so. It then sets it to run as a background program that is constantly running that will send the install files to other users, finally just downloads the install files where ever it wants. Only after downloading the whole thing does it ask you where you want things.

Normal I wouldn’t mind something like Akamai Netsession since it does the same thing as the installers you get from Blizzard and other companys anymore. Except it install it, runs it, and keep it hidden in the background never once informing the user it was installed or asking the user if it can be installed.

If my security suite hadn’t seen it and sandbox it right off I would of never know it was install on my system and running in the background. And you can’t disable the “service” in the software’s interface it hides in the windows control panel, only stop it till the next computer restart. And while it calls it a service in the interface it not listed in Windows service manager and can only be stopped permanently if you know how edit the windows startup file or uninstall the whole thing. I hate software like this, it create security risks by never letting the user know it’s installed and running.

I hate having to deal with this stuff just to download and install a game.

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