TQB land

Very of annoyed, Payed 322 US originally for a year’s rent on a piece of land TQB Group owns in SL that had ocean/river access so I could have my Aria/Venice style Sea front/islands.

Then they closed down that Island chain so I was forced in the end to move to a new islands chain. Sadly I’m in the middle of the islands, so on top of it be isolated, where before people could visit easily which I wanted, my new Neighbors are putting up walls so instead of open water access (I’ve now got a few tiny access canals to the non-navigational ocean/sim boarder) I’ve got my Aria house and islands sitting in a small pond and stone walls/Earth walls surrounding me as far as the eye can see.

If I had know this would of happen I would of never payed for the land and just rent Mainland for a little more, at least then I would still have ocean/river access. Total waste of money now.

My last Neighbors and so far the rest of TQB (except for a few smart asses) were cool but this group are annoying me. I’ll just wait my year out then look at mainland properties. Be expensive to buy the land but better then this.

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