Update, New Location

Not sure if TBQ staff read my post here or if they just saw the walls that were put up with the “corpses” on them but they moved me to a different locations that more open, It’s even a size bigger. Quite a bit happier, it’s more like my old place before it was shutdown and nice location, part of two linked sims. While my new place is still in the middle it has a nice amount of water on all sides plus everything is facing to the east where there is a lagoon, and no walls so open view. So my whole setup looks nice now.

Miss how the TQB lands were before, they were mostly a long stretch of linked sims, you could travel from one end to the other. Sadly Linden Labs, the people behind SL, decide to raise prices, such as the low prim sims that were $75 a month before are now $125. TQB had to shutdown quite a few sims and move people to other sims. Now it’s just a group of disconnected sims, but seem most people here want privacy anyways.

Me, I want people to visit my land and tell me what they think or just enjoy themselves. My lands are much like my websites, no point in building something interesting or cool if no one else see it. Going to have to rely on the ASN and Opengate StarGates plus the Iconian Gateway to bring people till I find a high traffic piece of 512 land on mainland to put a small display and a “Visit me” sign. Once I make enough stuff to sell I’ll put a small shop there to.

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