About Me and this site.

StarDruid aka Miah Twilight:  Just a Anime and Video game addict. I also enjoy exploring abandoned towns, forest, beaches etc, love nature and taking pictures but don’t care to leave my house much. Oh and I’m single.

This Blog: I’ve been wanting to have my own blog for a bit and wanted more control over it then live journal gave me. So I set up this blog. I’ll cover everything, my life, pictures I take, music, anime I watch/watched, and Games I play/own.

I also run the main domain for this site, Gentlerainofserenity.com, as well as shadowcontinuum.com

In the past I’ve gone by StarTrek-Man, Miah-ohki/Ken-ohki (Quake team fortress handle after StaTrek-Man),  Miahstar (live jounral), and MiahTwilight in other games.

My Deviant art is at: http://stardruid.deviantart.com. Just a few thing there, someday I’ll add my old pixel art I did back when i used paint on Windows 3.11

My current YouTube Channel is https://www.youtube.com/user/MiahTwilight which is just a collection of links to videos I like on YouTube. I plan to ether upload my own videos to it someday or create another channel for that.

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