Think about returning to Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online

Thinking about returning to Ragnarok Online if they are still offer the character rename for those that had the _Q and _C forces on them during the merger of the servers long ago. If not probably won’t go back. I’m old school and a character name/Handle is not something you just change or pick randomly.

Nothing piss me off more to find my character name is taken and they say to just add whole bunchy of numbers or random chracters to it and it’ll be just fine. I’m StarDruid, StarTrek-Man, Miah-Ohki. Not stardruid65a, Not starDruid_1, Not StarDruid_**** , and not StarTrek-Man_20303030303.

An online name is just like one in the real world, it let people identify you, it not something you just change because you feel like it or because it’s taken.

You might change it because it reflex an Old “you” and is no longer relevant much as I went from StarTrek-Man to Miah-ohki/Ken-ohki to finally StarDruid. But not something you change for kicks and giggles.

Fight against SOPA and PIPA

Tomorrow (My birthday) this site will be down to support the stopping of the Internet Censor ship bills SOPA and PIPA the threaten the stability and freedom of the internet.

Produce by politicians, who are being back by the entertainment industry (movie/music etc) that these two bill would allow companies to take down entire site like yahoo, Google or a web hosting company without any warning and with little work involves if just one site hosts and/or listed  on that site is in violation of the copyright law, or even if the companies just think they are.

It also allows the government to do so as well, allowing them to censor sites.

The way the bills say to go about it would also break the very backbone of the internet, Stopping DNS from list the site, and force blacklist of sites.

Sadly silicon valley doesn’t have the might to fight Hollywood, and the politicians are ignore the experts & business that run the internet. The politicians and entertianment industry have put out a lot of rederick and try to down play it but it comes down to the same type of censor ship & control China does with thier “great firewall of china” as it’s called.

More information can be found here:

Another new year approaching

So another new years is approaching and decide to post. Been a boring year again. Like usual I’m as lost as I’ve ever been, still trying to find something.

Sadly at this point I’m fairly certain I’m ADD/ADHD. The more psychology, education classes I take the more I’m certain, which explains where I’m always looking for the next game, next world.

On the new “world” topic I’m playing Star Wars: the Old republic (SWTOR) with my guild mates from SOL Navy. Fun so far, though I’d rather have a shoot game style like global agenda or similar, then the button mashing SWTOR has. But got to live with what you got.
Just hope to the goddess that I get into the PlanetSide 2 beta test, I need a game that more… “personal” if you will. Most MMORPG combat and everything else is just mouse clicks or button mashing. It really sperates you from that world. First Person shooters like the original Planetside put you into that world. How you play, and your own skill level effect how game play and lets you interact better with the world around you.

My Calm, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō, Aria, and Second Life

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Came to a realization today as to why I enjoy Second Life so much as I was rereading YKK (Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō).  Have been trying to find images from the YKK Manga that give me good internal and external views of Alpha house/cafe so I could recreate it in Second Life.

So I began from the beginning again, 17 year into the past. As I was reading I realized that Second Life today is just like Alpha world (or Aqua(Mars) from Aria for that matter),  few people, but those you meet in general are friendly, and a big world empty of people yet full of amazing sites.

In fact many of the regions people have made, whether in a private one or on main land, mirror scenes for the YKK and Aria universes. Giant weird plants, forgotten broken cities, lonely houses in the middle of know where, Amazing New looking city & towns empty of people, and sights that can’t be explained, only seen for your self.

This all make Second life feel like a portal into Alpha or Akari worlds, places of calm, serenity, and beauty.

When every I explore Second Life, whether on foot, flying like superman, in a plane, boat, car, or Through a random gate address on the StarGate at my home, I regain that same feeling I get when reading or watching YKK and Aria.

A sense of peace, serenity, and a longing for a place in such a world. It’s the same longing i try to fill with every game I play and website I build. I can never truly fill that longing, but Second Life get me as close as I can to doing so, and lets me be part of that world for a brief time.

GROS Islands update

Gentle Rain of Serenity Islands.

For those visiting here above is the slurl to my land in Second life.

So an update. I’ve changes my land some today and have begun building a recreation of Cafe Alpha from Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō. Be slow going since unlike Aqua/Aria where I only had 52 eps to re-watch multiply times I got 6 ova eps and thousands of images from the manga. No schematics or blueprints means re-watching and looking at images over and over till I get an exact recreation.

Already enough knock offs and and recreations that look they there were redone in cartoon environment from other animes without me creating another one.

Also I will have a store up soon selling all the stuff I’ve made. Not sure if it’ll be on my GROS islands or on the main lands yet. Decide that later.

Car down

Had my card go down on my Sundays afternoon with it refusing to even turn over. It happen before and usually just need to wait a few before it starts fine. Got in to the shop Monday only to have them call and say when they finally got a chances to get to it it start just fine 30 times. I told them it does that on the phone the first time i called them. They kept it over night and finally called me this morning say they tested it and the starters bad.

So basically their first test was telling some low-be in the shop to start and stop the car 30 times because they were to swamped to do anything else.

And this morning they finally got a chance to actual test it.

Annoys the hell out of me when people don’t do their jobs. If they can’t get it in that same day like they said they could then just tell me when I first call and I’ll take it to a shop that can. Missed Monday’s classes because of that and missing today’s as well.

Has Space been forgotten?

Has Space been forgotten? Seems like it with very few space combat sim/MMO game (read one Black Prophecy) coming out. Jumpgate Evolution looks like it pretty much dead with the public relations guys say “no comment” on questions of is it dead.

Beside Black Prophecy no one seem to be making a space MMO game, much less one with true physics based flight. I have no interest in games like Eve Online (Yes I’ve play it, for to long to) where you can’t actually manually fly your ships or ones that you fly it like a damn arcade game, stopping and turning on a dime. Or crappy want-a-be’s like SpaceCowboys aka AirRivals that are arcade style flight shoots that add “space” to it to look cool but make it a joke.

Well at least Fallen Earth does a decent job of making a Fallout style ground based MMORPG/FPS mix. Maybe I should go back Fall Earth, DC universe Online sure hasn’t kept me interested much as I’ve played it. I keep going back to Istaria and MineCraft after just a hour or less in DC Universe online

Horizons aka Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted

Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted.

So decided to go back to Horizons after near 3 years away. the game has since changed hands many times and is now own and run by it’s orginal development company so is in good hands.

Decide to go back since I wish to play my dragon again and build a lair. Yes, you heard right, this game lets you play a Dragon as well as many other races. You start as a flightless hatchling and work you way to an Adult form where you can fly before finally reaching Ancient status near end game. you can breath fire, used melee combat or magic.

On top of that Dragons can build underground Lairs. All other races build in plots of land. You can make it into a storage facility with direct vault access, a store center if near a major town, and vast production facility to store and manufacture you gears or lair/Building materials for further lair/Plot expansion (your own or work for others gold and silver) , or just your home in the world.

In many ways it’s a craftier paradise. Only down side of a  dragon is you only have dragon craft and lair shaping as crafting schools. All the other races have everything from blacksmith to jeweler to Confections (candies, foods, cakes etc).

But dragons can and you can build a  lair, then set it up so you two legged character can use it for much of thier work.

Sadly you can only own one plot or lair per subscription. But you can always just add a second subscription to your master account and get access to another plot on your main game account or have another game account as well to login and use as a mule for dual client or two computer people (or just have two piece so land on the main game  account and use the second account as a mule).

Happy New years all, 2011 is here

Well happy new years all, 2011 is finally here. Not much to say, been playing lots of Minecraft, got a D in one of my class, I’m think about writing a book, and meditating on my life.

First, been playing a hell lot of Minecraft. I reset the guild server on the 25 and we’ve been building since. Already got a town with walls, massive underground halls and tunnels. I’m building a classic style Pre-flood Atlantis on top of a Massive Dwarf/Dragon Style lair/hall under my house in town. More grand project to come, and all while dodging zombies, skeletons, spiders, and hundreds of creepers.

Sadly I got a D in one of my classes. Going to retake it, this time in the actual class room and not online. Also going to take other classes to raise my GPA to possible get into the Elemetary Ed program.

But I’m also think about changing to an online 3D render/graphics program if I can find one that I can get finical aid for. Been wonder if I should give up on going to japan to teach English and instead work in Movie/video games production.

Also Considering writing a book, finally. Been having hundreds of ideas floating in  my head for years but been to lazy/not cared enough to do them. I think I’m going to get Dragon Speak and finally try to get it down on “paper”

Finally been meditating and think about my boring life. All the day dreaming, books, movies, anime, Videos games and such over the years have left me kind of depressed. I’m stuck in this boring world, where even the new moon programs have been pushed back for who knows how long. For a Scifi fan such as myself this world is so damn boring. I really don’t see anything in my life that says “Here is where you belong, Here is what you should be doing”. I want to travel the universe in a Starship, visit the mood or mars, running a mining ship in the asteroid belt, pilot/build a gaint hover tank or Mech (I’d be happy with construction ones), or travel the dimensions.  Yet all this for ever beyond my grasp, all I can do is live, maybe get married, have some kids and die.

Being a dreamer suck , in the end it’s all beyond your graps, and the only escape you have is Video games or small projects. Even if I write a Grand book about all this I’m not even one step closer to find a place, a home, and a future for myself. Anymore all I’ve been doing are fruitless search for what and who I am, or want to be, with no more answers then I had when I was in elementary school.

I’m going to quit rambling now and just going to sleep now, and hope I can dream.

Minecraft Update

Well been busy in minecraft, I rented a server for (SOL) Navy (the guild I’m in) and friends. We recently reset the server and started anew. Between building the (SOL) Navy Town, mine and vault complexes and college not had much time for second life.

Right now going over if I’ll rent land in Second Life for another year after this current one is up.

Second Life land offer more chances for people to see my stuff (Since my minecraft server isn’t open to the public) but costs 4 2-3 times as much for a tiny slots of land.

I can build entire cities in minecraft with no restrictions. Guess I wait till later in the year and see how I feel

Gentle Rain Of Serenity

Got internet now so work will continue on the islands soon

But now running into some issues with my webhost. Seem something has changed server side do if you use a .htaccess file to control you sub-domains any sub-domains link to directories with the index file being a index.php will give a 404 error.

Basically any forums, blogs, etc that you have sub-domain for will not work. Had to remove my forums from the .htaccess and use a sub-domain pointer app in my web control panel to get to work.

Update, New Location

Not sure if TBQ staff read my post here or if they just saw the walls that were put up with the “corpses” on them but they moved me to a different locations that more open, It’s even a size bigger. Quite a bit happier, it’s more like my old place before it was shutdown and nice location, part of two linked sims. While my new place is still in the middle it has a nice amount of water on all sides plus everything is facing to the east where there is a lagoon, and no walls so open view. So my whole setup looks nice now.

Miss how the TQB lands were before, they were mostly a long stretch of linked sims, you could travel from one end to the other. Sadly Linden Labs, the people behind SL, decide to raise prices, such as the low prim sims that were $75 a month before are now $125. TQB had to shutdown quite a few sims and move people to other sims. Now it’s just a group of disconnected sims, but seem most people here want privacy anyways.

Me, I want people to visit my land and tell me what they think or just enjoy themselves. My lands are much like my websites, no point in building something interesting or cool if no one else see it. Going to have to rely on the ASN and Opengate StarGates plus the Iconian Gateway to bring people till I find a high traffic piece of 512 land on mainland to put a small display and a “Visit me” sign. Once I make enough stuff to sell I’ll put a small shop there to.

TQB land

Very of annoyed, Payed 322 US originally for a year’s rent on a piece of land TQB Group owns in SL that had ocean/river access so I could have my Aria/Venice style Sea front/islands.

Then they closed down that Island chain so I was forced in the end to move to a new islands chain. Sadly I’m in the middle of the islands, so on top of it be isolated, where before people could visit easily which I wanted, my new Neighbors are putting up walls so instead of open water access (I’ve now got a few tiny access canals to the non-navigational ocean/sim boarder) I’ve got my Aria house and islands sitting in a small pond and stone walls/Earth walls surrounding me as far as the eye can see.

If I had know this would of happen I would of never payed for the land and just rent Mainland for a little more, at least then I would still have ocean/river access. Total waste of money now.

My last Neighbors and so far the rest of TQB (except for a few smart asses) were cool but this group are annoying me. I’ll just wait my year out then look at mainland properties. Be expensive to buy the land but better then this.

Islands have moved

The Gentle Rain Of Serenity Islands have moved, there in the same general area but moved to a different islands chain.

Till I finish with the move only the lower islands are aviable. I’ll need to re-deploy the upper levels later.

On the plus side I originally only had a a 3072 with a 1024 prim plot now I’ve got a 4096 so more room to build things so Means I’ll re-arrange the Neo-Venice ground level later to make use of the new area, maybe make a place for a Aria style Starship